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Spheres and spheroids.

Just arrived, a large Lapis Sphere, an Emerald sphere, a Ruby sphere, and a wonderful round dinosaur egg.
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This Lapis sphere from Afghaistan measures approximately 18 inches in diameter (45.7 centemeters) and weighs 325 lbs. (147.7 KG)

The Emerald sphere is from the Scoto Canaiba Mine in Sa Paulo Brazil. It weighs 6,105.5 carats (1,221.1 gm.), and is approximately 3 3/4" (95.25mm) in diameter.

The Ruby sphere is from Mysore, India, weighs 5,502.5 carats (1,100.5 gm.), and is approximately 3 1/4" (82.5 mm) in diameter.

The Dinosaur Egg is from Balasinor, India; the Lameta Formation, near Kheda, Gujarat. Is 18cm (7") in diameter. It has a full appraisal, from The Stone Co., Inc. as a Titanosaur Sauropod egg, of the Upper Cretaceous period.

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