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Welcome to our page about us. Our business is Retail only, and for the present, only from our premises.
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Russ Wood
Our Leader


fossil plaque
a large fossil plaque

You must see the Butterflies

Inside our shop.

Our display of Meteorites

More of the inside.

One corner of our shop

More Pictures of inside the shop

Recent advertisement:
Custom Made Jewelery
Gifts Rocks Minerals Fossil Specimens Meteorites
Amethyst Cathedrals
Eggs Spheres Obelisk
Natural African Kissi Stone Carvings by artisans from a tribe in western Kenya
SoapstoneCarvings from Peru
Undercut Animal Carvings from India
Crystal Intaglio Carvings
Braxilian Agate Bookends
Chinese Carvings, Mud Men, Lacquer Boxes
Pakistani Cave Onyx Carvings
Septarian Stone & Picasso Marble Carvings
Parasite Wood arvings
Michigan Native Copper Specimens, Copper Ore & "Float", Copper Bookends

Orthoceras, Trilobites, Ammonites, Coprolites
Abalone Shell Jewelry
Charms & Chains
Custom Made Jewelry

Meteorites Mounted Insects Museum Display Area

We handle no Synthetic Gemstones

Natural Gemstones from around the world set in .925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold

Baltic Amber, Blue Pectolite, Andean Opal, Agate, Lapis, Chrysophrase, Garnet, Moonstone, Sapphire, Spinel, Citrine, Amethyst, Ametrine, Topaz, Sugilite, Hematite, Charoite, Bloodstone, Labradorite, Peridot, Tanzanite, Morganite, Kunzite, Beryls, Rhodochrosite, Marcasite, Covellite, & others

Come see our beautiful new facility
We have picnic tables for the use of our customers.

Your Host: Susan Wood


Broad River Gems & Mining Co.
218 River Landing
Rutherfordton, NC 28139-7390
Phone (828) 286-1220

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